COVID-19 RCO Policy

White Horse COVID-19 Policy
Shed and Shed North
Updated April 19, 2021

  1. Changes to previous setup and processes:
    a. Ossipee specific: One-way traffic, enter through front porch door and leave through the back door.
    b. Air purifiers in offices and common areas.
    c. Modifications made to placement of furniture to facilitate 6’ distancing.
    d. WHR staff to wipe surfaces every hour when guests are on site.
    e. WHR staff to use aerosol spray every hour when guests are on site.
    f. WHR staff to use masks at all times with the exception of coaching sessions, the conditions of which
    are noted below.
    g. WHR staff will wipe touched surfaces in the bathroom prior to use.
  2. Requirements for guests:
    a. Ten guests will be allowed in the Shed at a time and required to stay 6’ apart from other guests. The ten-guest limit includes those in coaching appointments. Walk-ins are welcome but will be asked to wait outside if the ten-guest limit is met.
    b. Masks:
    i. Masks to be worn at all times. Masks to be provided by WHR as needed.
    ii. Temperature check will be required upon entry for all clients and guests. WHR staff will
    help guests schedule a COVID-19 test if guest desires.
    c. Food will be available for guests, but guests are unable to use the kitchen to cook.
    d. Showers will not be available for guests until all restrictions are lifted by the State of NH.
    e. Guests to wipe-down touched surfaces in bathroom prior to use.
  3. WHR transportation available for appointments with counsellor for IOP and individual counselling sessions.
  4. Guests are encouraged to make appointments for coaching sessions, which will take place in an office on the second level and will automatically reserve one of the 10 guest count.
  5. Coffee will be served by a staff member if possible. Guests are encouraged to bring their own coffee.