COVID-19 Clinical Policy

White Horse COVID-19 Policy
Updated April 19, 2021

  1. WHR Setup and Processes:
    a. Ossipee specific: enter through porch door on left side of building, which will lead to a first-floor
    reception area.
    b. North Conway specific: One-way traffic, enter through left-hand door in foyer to check in.
    Counselor will guide clients through admin area to leave the building.
    c. Air purifiers are placed in offices and common areas.
    d. Furniture is placed to facilitate 6’ distancing.
    e. WHR staff to wipe surfaces in counselor offices after every appointment.
    f. WHR staff to wipe surfaces in common areas (inclusive of stairwells) a minimum of every hour.
    g. WHR staff to use aerosol spray at the end of every day.
    h. WHR staff to use masks at all times.
  2. Requirements for All Clients:
    a. Masks:
    i. Masks to be worn at all times. Masks to be provided by WHR as needed.
    b. Temperature check will be required upon entry for all clients and guests.
    i. Tele-health sessions are available for clients who do not pass the temperature check.
    ii. WHR staff is able to help clients schedule a COVID-19 test if client desires.
    c. Stay 6’ from other people in the building.
    d. Guest to wipe-down touched surfaces in bathroom prior to use.
  3. WHR transportation available for appointments with counselors. Rides are limited to one client or two people if living together.
  4. Clients are encouraged to make appointments for coaching sessions at the Shed and Shed North.
  5. Clients should bring his/her own coffee.