About Us

OUr Mission

The mission of White Horse Recovery is to provide behavioral health services that meet the individual needs of those we serve, offering a path to a better tomorrow.

WHy White Horse?

We are a non-profit, community-based organization offering secular and faith-based clinical outpatient services to those with substance use disorders. We treat individuals with a holistic approach addressing the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, financial, legal and educational aspects of our clients’ lives. We provide a safe environment and unbreakable support for individuals to begin, continue or restart their recovery journeys.

White Horse’s strategic programming and offerings are driven by the community and those we serve.  We offer outpatient treatment programs and a full recovery resources center. Our Clinical Team is one of the most highly trained in New Hampshire comprised of Masters Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counsellors (MLADC), Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counsellors (LADC), Certified Recovery Support Workers (CRSW), and Recovery Coaches.

Our entire Team is diverse and has empathy, compassion, and provides a safe, supportive environment for those impacted by substance misuse and their families. We realize individuals struggling with substance misuse are our parents, brothers, sisters, friends, neighbors and co-workers and, likewise, the recovery community is represented by all those on White Horse Recovery Team.

We accept most insurances, Medicaid, commercial insurance and have a sliding scale fee for those without insurance.  No one will be turned away for inability to pay for services.  Everyone is treated equally and accepted as they are.